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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Viomi’ s mission is to redefine the future home via the concept of IoT @ Home.

The Company has developed one-stop comprehensive IoT @ Home solutions including smart home appliances, smart home devices and software resources, and our solutions provide an attractive entry point into the consumer home, enabling consumers to intelligently interact with a broad portfolio of IoT products in an intuitive and human-like manner to make daily life more convenient, efficient and enjoyable, while allowing us to grow our household user base and capture various additional scenario-driven consumption events in the home environment.

We operate a highly scalable business model based on the three key pillars of:

    1. IoT @ Home Portfolio and Home Water Solutions;
    2. Consumables and Small Appliances and Others;
    3. A factory-to-consumer (F2C) new retail sales strategy.

Aimed at China’s young, modern, “new middle-class” consumers, our portfolio of innovative IoT products form the core of our IoT @ Home solutions. We have successfully brought an extensive range of IoT products to the market, including our smart water purification systems, smart kitchen products, including large-screen refrigerators, range hoods, gas stoves and dish washers, and other smart products and devices such as washing machines, water heaters, air conditioners, sweeper robots, among others.