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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Viomi’ s mission is to redefine the future home via the concept of IoT @ Home.

The Company has developed one-stop comprehensive IoT @ Home solutions including smart home appliances, smart home devices and software resources, and our solutions provide an attractive entry point into the consumer home, enabling consumers to intelligently interact with a broad portfolio of IoT products in an intuitive and human-like manner to make daily life more convenient, efficient and enjoyable, while allowing us to grow our household user base and capture various additional scenario-driven consumption events in the home environment.

We operate a highly scalable business model based on the three key pillars of:

    1. IoT @ Home Portfolio and Home Water Solutions;
    2. Consumables and Small Appliances and Others;
    3. A factory-to-consumer (F2C) new retail sales strategy.

Aimed at China’s young, modern, “new middle-class” consumers, our portfolio of innovative IoT products form the core of our IoT @ Home solutions. We have successfully brought an extensive range of IoT products to the market, including our smart water purification systems, smart kitchen products, including large-screen refrigerators, range hoods, gas stoves and dish washers, and other smart products and devices such as washing machines, water heaters, air conditioners, sweeper robots, among others.

Xiaomi is our strategic partner and shareholder. Our strategic partnership with Xiaomi gives us access to Xiaomi’s ecosystem users, market and data resources and related support. Meanwhile, our strong research and development capabilities, and innovative products and services in turn enrich Xiaomi’s suite of offerings, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship between us and Xiaomi.